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Here at Balter Theatre Co., we take our work very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we spend almost every waking hour with the intention of eventually getting around to coming up with a plan on how to pretend we're busy working on our next show.
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new plays

Hey look! Shiny new plays! Shiny, sparkly, glistening new plays that are new and also are plays that are new. Did we mention the newness of our plays?

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Fresh faces

We take full advantage of there not being enough work in the industry for even the most talented of emerging artists, and rope them into working with us.

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We focus on storytelling. Any director found attempting to conduct a psychological experiment will be met with a highly unpleasant pontification.

our team


Our highly experienced playwright woke up one day having never written a play in her life and decided to call herself a highly experienced playwright.

Margaret Grove

Company Executive/Producer
There’s a lot of crossover between writing maths textbooks and being a theatre producer. That is to say, none. There is no crossover. We accidentally wrote ‘quantify’ instead of ‘qualify’ in the job ad and, well…

Geoff Grove

Company Executive/Door Bitch
Some say he does a better job than the guy on the door at the pearly gates. Others say he can make a doorknob open up about its life as an inanimate object. All we know is he’s the Door Bitch.

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