by Frankie

4th to 14th October 2017
7pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
@ The Factory Theatre
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MITCH: It’s the breastplate; I’m almost dead.

TARYN: What?

MITCH: I said it’s the best play I’ve ever read.

Come along for an insider’s perspective on the strange and confusing journey that is drama school, where the line between fantasy and reality is blurred, the pain is real, and the guru is always right.

We follow drama student Michelle as she enters a nonsensical world filled with bizarre characters. A rabbit, a failed fortune teller, a scumbag cigarette who only lives for seven minutes, a child’s drawing of outer space who is utterly convinced she is an entire universe, and a guru who remains hidden behind a curtain, as he is a celebrity, and students would be star struck if they could see his face. While negotiating her way through the madness of the school, the interpersonal struggles of forced intimacy amongst the young students leave Michelle hypervigilant, and she clings to information for dear life. In an institution where pain is glorified and delusions are praised, can she make it out with her mental health intact?

Directed by Kyle Rowling