We’re busy working on our next show!!

So busy. Super busy. You wouldn’t believe how positively busy we are working on our next play and we are not procrastinating at all whatsoever. I have not been catching up with Candy Crush or re-watching The Wire or bingeing on films like La Dolce Vita or Stalker, and I have not been doing handstands instead of writing and I am not sitting here writing this post because I strained my neck and had to put the hand balancing on hold. I know those procrastination activities all sound terribly specific but I assure you that it is all a work of fiction and not at all truthful. Remember, I write plays. Fictional plays. I am a fiction writer. And so I come up with fictional details about the things that I haven’t actually been doing while I’m pretend ‘supposed to be’… Oh forget it. My name’s Frankie and I’m a procrastinator.

In all seriousness, we do do plays; right now one of them is being published: Hypnagogism is the whole reason I started writing plays. It’s the reason this company exists. It’s the answer to the roadblock I hit while bickering with industry people about how to not psychologically screw up actors. It’s my contribution to the current industry discussion on ethics. But don’t worry, it’s funny.